Launch: the all new VAYU V3 Wing

We are happy to partner up with VAYU and have the brand new VAYU V3 wing available in our Wing Foil Shop. 

Launch of the VAYU V3 wing for wing foiling – speed, agility, and playfulness for the most thrilling wing foil experience.

Introducing the VAYU V3, the wing that will take your wingfoiling experience to the next level. With its cutting edge design and advanced features, the V3 proves to be one of the fastest and most responsive wings on the market.

The V3 boasts a shorter wingspan that makes it incredibly playful, allowing experienced riders to unlock new freestyle tricks and giving beginners a much more forgiving wing that won’t hit the water as easily.

Design VAYU V3 Wing
“For experienced riders, the V3’s responsive design and fast speeds will give you the ultimate adrenaline rush, pushing you to achieve new heights and master the most challenging maneuvers. For beginners and intermediates, the V3’s forgiving nature and reduced wingtip drag will make it easier to control, giving you the confidence to learn new skills and progress faster than ever before.”

Bill Hansen – VAYU Chief Designer

Key Features

1) Lighter construction 4.0 = 1.98 kg + 0.250 Kg. (Carbon Handles) 
4.0 = 1.98 kg + 0.10 Kg. (Soft Handles)

2) X-Ply windows Lighter, Stiffer, No deforming in cold/warm weather

3) Carbon Handles.

4) Exchangeable Soft/Rigid Handles

5) Shorter Wingspan for enhanced manoeuvrability & rotations.

6) Flat & stiff trailing edge resulting in faster performance.

7) New Vayu Segmented-Slim-Strut design.

8) New SUP valve

9)Premium Teijin Canopy.


Available Sizes

3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0 / 5.5 / 6.0

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